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     A Reception or a Dinner?

Are you wondering if you should have a traditional reception or whether you should try a dinner instead? A few thoughts we've provided here might help you make that decision.

Discussion about the Reception
• Pictures. Your pictures and your memories are about the only things you retain from your wedding day. A professional setting at a reception will help provide studio quality pictures of you and your family.
• Customized. Decorate to your taste. This is your chance to tell your guests who you are.
• Room to interact. Receptions are usually held in larger venues that allow guests to mingle.
• Cost. Yes, cost! Professional decorators can stun your guests with an amazing reception for less than the cost of a dinner.
• Guest count. Don’t exclude anyone. A reception can host hundreds of guests (and many of them will bring gifts).
• Traditional rituals: Cutting the cake, throwing the bouquet and the first dance are time honored traditions. There is room and time to do those at a reception.

Discussion about the Dinner
• Time. A ceremony and a wedding breakfast and you'll be on your honeymoon by early afternoon.
• Simplicity. The restaurant takes care of everything.
• “Just a dinner”. Have you ever used those words? Traditional weddings include a wedding breakfast and a reception. This is your special day; don’t shortchange yourself.
• Everybody eats... everyday. The memory of your dinner will be lost in the mix of many such dinners. Save your guests the travel time, send them a dining gift card with a copy of your Dad’s speech.
• Be careful not to crowd the dinner venue. Human nature is to convince yourself that, “My guests would rather be crowded than not be invited.” The net effect of that is that you may just succeed in making more people miserable.

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